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How colors and styles change over the years and can really help sell a home having a fresh new look.

New Hampshire housing prices are finally on the rebound and our economy is strong. This is good news for home sellers, because buyers are emerging.

When a homeowner sells a house, prospective buyers view the home with a discerning eye and intense scrutiny. Sellers are always hopeful that their home will pass muster; that the buyer will recognize its value and like it enough to want to live in it. This is actually a bigger order to fill than it first appears, but the fact is, smart, savvy buyers can be lured with housing industry marketing tools, just like any other shopping market.

Location and curb appeal are important. But, the final appeal begins when the potential buyer is inside the house. One of the ways that a homeowner can really boost their chances at appealing to the buyer is by having the latest colors in home interior design. The easiest way to achieve this is through interior painting.It’s not only that paint colors change from year to year, but painting methods and styles also fluctuate greatly. These styles evoke feelings which can appeal to a buyer–or turn them away. Here are some reasons a homeowner should consider a fresh coat of paint for their home interior:

Smart buyers
When a homeowner sells their house, it’s important to market the home to the higher-end client. A high-end client will almost always be one with a sophisticated eye who follows fashion trends. Since paint colors change from year to year, it’s very easy for a savvy buyer to discern what year the home was last updated simply by looking at the nearest wall.

Creating value
By having a fresh coat of paint, the homeowner sends the message to the buyer that the home has been well cared for and carefully groomed. Because painting preparation reveals potential flaws and problems with the home, an updated paint color implies that the seller has been diligent about maintenance needs. This creates value that a home with old paint colors doesn’t have.

Sell a dream, not a project

A home interior with the newest colors is appealing to a buyer the same way a new fashion appearing in a store display appeals to a fashionista. People love things that are fresh and new. The home might be twenty, thirty, or fifty years old, but if it has the newest paint color, a buyer is less inclined to think about what year it was built, and more inclined to ask themselves if they could imagine living in it.

Once the buyer imagines living in the home, the sale is imminent. If a buyer walks through the home, and instead of mentally picturing living in it, they visualize themselves standing on a ladder repainting the seller’s gaffes, it isn’t a home sale anymore–it’s a project.

Getting the highest price and fastest sale are priorities for a seller, since the longer a home sits on the market, the harder it will be to sell. Even real estate agents are much more excited about showing an updated home than they are a house that simply looks tired and worn down.

A home with the latest color and design elements has a fresh new look that will make a prospective buyer eager to buy and more inclined to pay a higher purchase price.